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Northern California Fire Update



UPDATE: (Oct. 26, 2017)

We are happy to let you know that all RCA members have been accounted for and are safe back at home. We continue to keep all who have been displaced, damaged, and assisting those who are in crisis in our prayers.

We were able to find those in the affected areas because that particular area of retirees are well connected one to another. Even those who were traveling were fairly easily accounted for in a timely manner.

However, this may not always be the case. Additionally, when we gather together for events emergencies can happen. It is for that reason that the RCA decided some time ago that having “emergency contact information” would be a good addition to our database. Unfortunately, this is a sparsely populated field in that database! We have developed a form that you can download, print, and mail in. Alternately, you can simply email it to This information will only be used in case of an emergency, natural or personal. The best contact is someone who is in regular contact with you, but doesn’t live with you (in case of natural disasters). However, that may not always be the case. If you would prefer a primary and an alternate, do feel free to add the alternate. This form will be in the February Days of Grace as well. Just click the link below. You will need Adobe Reader to view the form. Thank you for your assistance in keeping us all in connection.

Emergency Contact Form



We grieve with those who have lost possessions and loved ones in the wake of the devastating wildfires that have consumed so much of Northern California. The Pastoral Response Team of the RCA is mobilizing to contact those in the counties affected to make sure they are safe and check the status of their homes.

You may have heard that one of our active pastors, Blake Busick of Santa Rosa First, and his family have lost their home. Several families in that church have also suffered a complete loss of their homes as well. Please keep these families and that church in your prayers. They have been operating as an evacuation center all week and will be doing so for a time yet. Their resources are being stretched but their spirit is strong.

Hopefully, you have received an email from Bishop Carcaño about her worship time with this congregation this past Sunday (October 15). She tells of the outpouring of love and care from all in both the First Church congregation and their second campus at Stoney Point. If you wish to contribute financially, the Conference is accepting specific donations to the recovery effort. You can send a check to the Conference office (P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA 95758-0250) or to your local UMC church. Please put “Fire Recovery” on the memo line.

The RCA has members who have been under evacuation and a few who are still under evacuation. No homes have been lost as of this writing (Monday, October 16). If we hear of specific members who have lost their homes, we will update via email. 

Additionally, if we do not have emergency/alternate contact information for you, please send an update to or via USPS to 9328 Elk Grove Blvd. #105-141, Elk Grove, CA 95624.  We need would need the name, relationship (child, friend..whatever that may be), phone number, and email. This information will only be used in emergency situations, be that personal emergency or a natural disaster such as this. If you don’t know if we have it, we probably do not. We have only a handful of folks with this information in the data base.

Please continue to keep all those in the threatened areas in your prayers. Remember firefighters who have been working with minimal rest for the past week…many of whom have also lost their homes. Santa Rosa Fire also lost a firehouse while they were out fighting fires. Please remember police officers who are working under similar circumstances and keeping damaged homes and evacuated areas safe from looters and other n’er do wells. Please remember medical personnel who evacuated hospitals and care homes. Please remember therapists and counselors who are helping the traumatized to work through their grief and shock. May God comfort and sustain them all.